(Dealership Versus Independent Body Shop) Have you ever…   Gotten rear-ended? (And, yes, those bumps in the parking lot count.) Hit what you thought was a pebble but turned out to be a boulder?  Heard your engine make a really weird noise? Experienced all of the above? Experienced all of the above at the SAME TIME? Now, we know there’s SO MUCH when it comes to repairs: the type of repair you need, where you go […]
Insurance Steering--YOU get to choose the auto body shop!
Insurance steering is when the insurance company tells you where to go to get your vehicle fixed. They tell you the shop to use for repairs. This is called insurance steering. The first thing you need to know is that insurance steering is a federal offense. Yes that’s right it’s against the law. You have always had the choice to pick the repair shop you want to use when you have an accident. Even though […]
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