I am often asked by clients who have rear ended somebody why their air bag did not deploy. The is a simple and important explanation. Air bag impact sensors work on 2 planes the vertical, up & down, plane and the horizontal, side to side, plane. An air bag will deploy when the impact sensor is straight and level. When you slam on the brakes you nose dive the vehicle. This causes a sudden shift in weight. The front of the car nose dives, goes down dramatically, causing the impact sensor to no longer be sitting straight and level. When this happens no matter how bad the impact, the air bags will not deploy! The second thing that usually happens is that the front bumper on your vehicle goes underneath the bumper of the vehicle you hit. This causes much more damage to your vehicle because your front bumper has been designed to take the impact from a collision. The result is the grille, head lights, hood, fenders etc now take the impact instead of your bumper. This causes much more damage because these parts are not designed to take an impact. There are 2 actions you can tag to avoid this issue.  The first solution to this is to keep your distance from the vehicle in front of you. The second is to be aware, present and mindful while driving. Be Safe you have your parents children in the car!

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Why Didn’t My Air Bag Deploy (Go Off)???