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Our Testimonials

Louie spoke at Lake Zurich High School for an 88 minute live presentation. He brought a car in and demonstrated general maintenance/safety items (ie: tire changing, jumper cables, fluid top offs…etc). The school did it as an in-school field trip.

"Hi Louie and Steve, Just wanted to say thank you again for coming this morning to talk to my classes! To be honest I had no idea you spoke about so many different topics and could bring so much information and diversity to the experience, I really appreciated it. I know it took some of the kids by surprise too, but I think that made it even more effective. I can’t wait to hear their reactions tomorrow, I’ve never seen them shake hands with the guest speaker before so I know you impacted some (if not all) on some level!! I’d love for you both to return next semester if you are willing and able. I’ll only have one class so it will be easier to get them under the hood more and have an open conversation."

Thanks again,
Lauren Engelhardt

Wow, wow and WOW. I had some hail damage on my business car. One of the dimples was what I considered pretty bad. I decided to take my car to Sharp Auto Body for repair. The experience started with friendly staff that wasn't too pushy in getting my car in. I got it in about 6 months after the damage occurred.

Based on past experience, I was afraid the interior trim that needed to be removed would be damaged, effectively exchanging an exterior blemish for an interior one. I am happy to say, when I got the car back, the interior trim looks as good as before and as an added bonus the whole interior was vacuumed. I also feared that I would still be able to “kind of” tell where the damage was. I am extremely happy to report that under VERY close scrutiny it is impossible to tell that there was ever any damage. I am completely impressed.

Thank you Louie Sharp and the Sharp Auto Body team for a pleasant experience!
Ken Busby

"Sorry I missed you the other day while picking up my car. I have to tell you, what a great outfit you have. Now, I'm not surprised, because you have always excelled in anything you do, BUT, I can't say enough about your operation. Luckily I didn't need a tow, but I know Sean and the boys would do a first rate job. If I'm good at anything it's observation & reading people, (42 yrs) CPD, and watching your staff in operation I know they are the best.

George was always keeping me up to date, each and every time I entered the shop I felt at home, Georges counterpart (sorry I don't know his name, made me feel like I was a friend, not just a customer.

Upon getting the car, not only did it look BRAND NEW, NO hint of any repar at all, it was clean as a whistle, even smelled good.

Just want to take time out to Thank You & Sean & George and the whole group. Your one body guy even fixed my seat, with a smile……..Thank you again, the few extra miles traveled were well WORTH it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Ted Szewczyk

Louie and Company,
"I wanted to take the time to thank you for the exceptional customer service that I experienced from the Sharp team. From the moment I walked through the door at Sharps the first day and met Chuck, to the escort home from Dan, I was treated professionally and courteously. The result of the finished product was truly more than I expected. Although the insurance company wanted to scrap the car, I wasn't ready to give up on my jeep. You also came in under the original estimate and that gave me the opportunity to help a neighbor in need with an unpaid electric bill. I couldn't be happier this Christmas season.

My Best Wishes to all of you for a very Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous 2012."
Gail B.

Dear Louie:
Now that I have had the "opportunity" to use your services twice in the past year, I cannot delay any further in letting you know how much I appreciate your first rate customer service and excellent auto body work...

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Thanks so much for taking care of those side molding on my Yukon. It was totally unexpected that you did not charge me for the work.

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"I wanted to take the time to give my personal thanks and gratitude to the folks at Sharp Auto Body and to personally thank Mr. Louie Sharp. I am so very happy that I asked Mr. Sharp to take a look at my auto, thinking that the damage to the vehicle was relatively minor and not worth making a claim to my insurance. Louie took the car to his shop to fully inspect the damage and helped me understand that although there was minor cosmetic change, the damage to the bumper system would require a full replacement and repair of the bumper unit. Everyone that I dealt with at his company, especially Barbara were professional, courteous, and helpful. I was always updated to the process and time frame from start to finish of the repairs. What made my experience with Louie Sharp most memorable and forever has cemented my trust in future referrals to his company, was when the car was delivered to my office in exchange for the free loaner car."
Dr Mark J Gould/Back to Health Wellness

"Thank you for the great service you provided after my car was involved in an accident recently.... thank you the car looks great! You are #1 in my book!"

"My truck looks great... Thanks for the great service!"

"The work performed was excellent. The timeliness of the work was sooner than quoted! Outstanding customer service and knowledge of body work. I will recommend Sharp Auto Body to all my friends!"

"I really appreciated the quickness of this repair, the loaner car and the nice staff. I have dealt with other body shops/repair places and they didn't even come close to the quality of Sharp. I wish I would have found them sooner. My truck was very clean when I got it back."

"Sharp is the best! We wouldn't take our repairs anywhere else."
Mike F.

Thank you for being so understanding and quick to respond to the damage done to my wife's Aunt's car. My wife has never met you and said she was very impressed with your professionalism and kindness. It was no surprise to me since I've known you for so long, but thought it would be nice to pass on the kind words to you.
Mark Dierker

“Lou has repaired my car dents several times and provided maintenance on my cars for years always to great satisfaction. His work is always top-notch and within price quoted. If you're looking for a great mechanic and auto body shop that is a keeper then Sharp Auto Body is the place for you.”
Rich Garling

Dear Louie, My husband has a 1995 Honda and spends about two hours each day driving to and from work. His car was, to put it mildly, dirty. I decided to surprise him with Sharp Auto Body's Detailing Service while he was on a business trip. I brought the car in and was provided with a free loaner which made my life comfortable.

I was excited to see how long it would take my husband to notice the difference. It wasn't long at all. I picked him up from the airport in my car and was pulling into the garage when he glanced at his car and asked why his car looked so good. Yes, we weren't even out of the car yet! Then he jumped out of the car to take a closer look. He was happy, ecstatic and thoroughly pleased. Okay, I got this gift right! The next day, as we were driving to church, he kept commenting on how the car looked new again. Then after taking my son back to college, he commented again on his return. This NEVER happens!

Louie, I wanted to thank you for making me look good! Really, I wanted to thank you for the "extra" time you took to meet my expectations as to how a high-quality detailing job should look. Thank you for your willingness to perform quality work and satisfy your client from beginning to end.
Sincerely,Linda Vadnais

“My car looked absolutely beautiful when I got it back. The paint job and detail job was wonderful.”
Stacy S.

“If more companies were as concerned and dedicated as Sharp Auto is, the country would not be in such a financial turmoil as it is. I have no personal or financial interest in Sharp Auto, I just think they do an excellent job and are interested in their business.”
Fran F

"I just wanted to pass on again my gratitude for your friend Louie's autobody shop help this past weekend. As you know I scratched my car on a red pole Friday night and the red paint was pretty bad. I was very nervous because it looked really bad so I called the shop first thing Saturday morning. Without hesitation, Logan told me to come in and they would take a look at it and take care of it. They had a great deal of customers there already and at a good stopping point Logan reviewed the damage and told me to come around back. Him and another gentleman did a fantastic job buffing it out with some polish. It didn't take long at all but the fact remains that they were busy and becuase they saw that I had three kids with me, they expedited the process. They were all WONDERFUL to work with and were so helpful. They didn't charge me anything which was soooo nice of them as I was just thankful to have it fixed. Please make sure to pass this on to Louie and tell him how much I appreciate it. His team was great, they were professional, helpful and just wonderful. It shows by the amount of customers they had in their office while I was waiting. Keep up the great work!"