In over 35 years in the auto body industry, the place where I see people lose money the fastest is at the scene of the accident. I want to share with you some very helpful tips for how to protect yourself and your family at the scene if an accident.

Here are some very important actions to take at the scene of an accident you are involved in.

  1. Make sure everybody in your vehicle and any other vehicles involved is ok. If they need medical assistance call 911 immediately and render first aid if you have been trained.
  2. Call the police. ALWAYS call the police this is where most people make their first and biggest mistake. People well tell you all kinds of stories at the scene of an accident NOT to call the police this is telling you loud and clear to CALL the POLICE. ALWAYS, ALWAYS call the police. This can and will save you thousands of dollars, I will guarantee it.
  3. Don’t move your vehicle until the police get there and tell you to do so. Exit your vehicle and move a safe distance away from your vehicle and the roadway. Moving your vehicle before the police get there is another very easy way to lose lots of money at the scene of the accident.

These 3 action steps will keep you safe and save you lots of money. They are tried, tested and proven to work.

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Saving Money at the Scene of the Accident