Have vehicle damage?

Have you recently been in an accident and your insurance company asked you to submit photos of the damage using their app? It seems simple, easy, and convenient right? 


This simple process could easily be costing you $1000’s…

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 insurance companies have stopped sending adjusters out to physically inspect the damage on vehicles. Insurance companies have instead asked you, the policy holder, to use photo apps to assess the damage. 

These apps are limited in SO many ways.

Photo apps limit the amount of photos you can take and submit. With two, three, or even five pictures there’s simply not enough information for the insurance adjuster to write an accurate estimate. This slows down the repair process immensely. It also creates supplements, which are requests for all the additional damage left off the insurance estimate. (If they can’t see it, they can’t include it.)

These apps also come with too many variables that make it difficult for someone who is not looking at the car to accurately assess the damage. Some of these variables are lighting, color of the car, angle of the picture, and finally the ability to add a description or narrative to the picture describing the damage in detail.

There are a couple of reasons why insurance companies want you to use these apps.

#1-They hope you cash the check and don’t fix the car! 

At Sharp Auto Body, we take the insurance estimate based off of the photo app submission and compare it with our own inspection process. We normally take 20-40 pictures for a single vehicle. We have been trained on exactly what pictures to take while factoring in angles and distance. This gives the insurance adjuster who is looking at the pictures all the information they need to support the estimate that we have written. This speeds up the repair process so that it goes faster and smoother. We consistently find additional damage averaging $3000-$5000 before even disassembling the vehicle. That just goes to show you how much these photos are missing and in the end how much extra it is costing you!

Again, the insurance company is hoping you will cash the check to save THEM money.

#2-Quicker turnaround times!

They do this because it helps them say that they turned or ‘handled the claim’ amazingly fast…when in reality they just slowed down the process.

This process of using photo/estimate apps will quickly become the new “normal” as more and more insurance agencies are made aware of how it benefits them, rather their customer… YOU!

So if insurance companies are no longer sending adjusters out to give you an estimate and the photo apps are not providing accurate claims, what should you do?

Glad you asked! Sharp Auto Body provides on-site estimates, at no charge. Yep, we come to you and provide an estimate for FREE! We will even submit it to your insurance company for you. We know how important it is to get an accurate estimate as quickly as possible. This will save you time and give you more money for your auto repairs…or for your pocket. 😉

Watch my video Free Service that Could Save You $1000’s to learn more!

Remember that by law you have the option to handle the claim in the way that best suits you. Choose the option that is in YOUR best interest, not your insurance company’s. If you have questions or need help, please don’t hesitate to call us at 847-526-1343 or visit us at sharpautobody.com. We are always happy to help! 

Photo Apps for Estimates—Good or Bad?

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