At Sharp Auto Body we do auto body (body shop) repairs to cars and trucks of all makes, models and years.

We also do body repairs and painting for motorcycles of all makes, models and years. This is a great time to have your motorcycle repaired since it is the winter months. The majority of motorcycle riders wait until it is warm out with great riding weather to bring the bikes in for auto body repairs and painting. When you get the work done in the winter months it gives Sharp Auto Body time to do a quality repair without having to be rushed. It also makes it easier to for scheduling without the time restraints of having to git it done right away so you don’t miss any great riding weather.

We have on-site estimates that make it easy to get a quote as soon as possible without ever having to leave your house!

Call us at 847875-6941 for your quote today.

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Motorcycle repair and painting during winter months