Insurance steering is when any insurance company tries to get you to go to a specific auto body shop for an estimate or repairs. Insurance steering is against the law. It is a Federal Offense. By law YOU get to choose the auto body shop that will do your repairs. The insurance company only wants to “steer” you to a specific shop so they can get the cheapest price for them. They have entered agreements with specific shops in an effort to save them money.  Not a quality repair for you! The shop that is now fixing your car is in a hurry to get your car out the door because they are fixing it at a discounted price. They have a shop full of other cars they are getting paid the full price for the repairs. You vehicle repair will suffer because of the simply fact the body shop is getting paid less money to fix your vehicle. If you run into this issue after you have had an accident you can reach out to the auto body shop of your choice for your repairs. Then let that shop handle all the insurance issues directly for you. For more information you can watch a brief video “Avoid the Accident after the accident”

If the insurance company continues to push you and some of them do. You can simply ask them if you can record the conversation since they are trying to steer you and that is against the law. Once they hear those words they will immediately let you choose the shop of your choice so you get a quality repair at a fair price.

Remember your vehicle for most people is the 2nd largest investment they make. You can have it repaired properly the first time by investigating who is the best shop to repair your vehicle before you get into an accident.

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Insurance Steering–YOU get to choose the auto body shop!