This month I wanted to talk about a FREE resource on our website called “Should I File a Claim Calculator”. This is a very powerful tool to help you figure out if you should file a claim or pay for the repairs out of your pocket. You can watch the video here to learn why you want to avoid letting the insurance company steer and/or send you to the shop they suggest. When you call an 800 number to file a claim you are getting the insurance companies claims department. They are not trained and do not have the knowledge or experience to help you decide whether you should file a claim or pay for the repairs yourself. They are only trained to take and start new claims. There is a reason for this. When the insurance company only gives you the option of starting a claim and NOT helping you figure out if you should file one, the insurance company wins and you lose. They win because they raise your rates making even more money. You lose having to pay more money for your insurance. The other important fact is when the insurance company sends you to a specific shop they are sending you there for the cheapest price for them NOT a quality repair for you.


If you should every need help deciding and figuring out if you should file a claim please feel free to call me. Most of you have heard me say, “my goal is to help you make the best financial decision for you”. Here are 2  great rules to help you save money & claims. 1. Have your deductible as high as you can afford. When you deductible is higher your insurance payments are lower. (Have a high deductible on your collision part of your policy and a very low deductible on your comprehensive policy. Call me if you need to know why). #2 is you should have 1.5 times your deductible available should you have an accident. If you have a $500 deductible, you should have $750 available. This way if you damage your rear view mirror and the repairs cost $675,  you can pay for the mirror repair and not involve the insurance company. This will avoid a price increase because of an accident.


I know there is a lot of information here but it is all designed to help you save aggravation, time and money!

Happy trails & safe driving!!

FREE “Should I File A Claim Calculator”