In a word yes. Every vehicle should have all the computers in the vehicle scanned after any auto body repair regardless of how minor the damage or repair was.

Chrysler’s latest addition of the Town & Country minivan started rolling off the production line earlier this year. It has over 200 yes that’s right over 200 computers in it. All these computers, like on a vehicles today, monitor and control all the functions of your vehicle from tire pressure to engine controls and everything in between.

There aren’t enough dash lights to have warning lights for all these systems. What that means is you can have fault codes in a computer module and NOT have any dash lights on telling you there is a fault in the system. This is why it is critical that every vehicle be scanned after it has auto body work done to it from an accident.

Currently there are 5 major vehicle manufacturers who have a written position statement mandating that all the vehicles produced by them be scanned after any collision they are GM, Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep, Mercedes Benz, Toyota & Honda.

If your vehicle is in an accident ask the auto body repair shop if they have the tools, training and technology to scan, fix and clear all the codes in your vehicle. If they can’t handle this part of the repair process you need to move your vehicle to a different auto body shop. The safety of you and all your passengers is at risk.

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