Vehicles today are more sophisticated than ever before. They have more and more complicated systems that are run controlled by computers. What is important for vehicle owners to know is how this computers work to protect them. What happens is when a system has a problem it leaves a “DTC”, Diagnostic Trouble Code, in the computer. Here is where it gets tricky. The system will report and store the DTC in the computer that controls that specific system but NOT necessarily turn on a warning light on the dash. The 2017 Chrysler Town & Country minivan rolling off the production line has OVER 200 computers in it! These computers control and track all the components for every system in the vehicle. Can you imagine how big the dash would have to be to have over 200 warning lights on it? This is why all the vehicle computers need to be scanned after a collision and after the repairs are completed. Scanning all the computers is the only way to ensure all the Diagnostic Trouble Codes have been found and most importantly corrected.

When you are having your vehicle repaired after an accident it is critical for the safe operation of the vehicle and more importantly the safety of you and all your passengers the computers should be scanned after the repairs are completed and BEFORE you take delivery of the vehicle.

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After a collision and Auto Body Repair–why does your car need to be scanned?